Book Club

The May book

Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

That awkward moment when someone asks you what book you’re reading.  I had to give so much disclaimer before I said the title.  I’ll be glad when the movie trailers start playing this summer – at least people will be familiar with the title.  And it is appropriate.  Crazy rich they are.  They make fun of the trust fund babies on the Upper East Side.  Those kids just think they’re rich.  They can’t compare with the kind of Chinese wealth we have neither seen nor imagined in America.  American money can only by new money because America itself is os new compared to the multi-generational wealth of the Chinese.

We spent the majority of our time talking about the idea of freedom.  While all that money offers them the freedom to buy whatever they want and need with much more free time than we have and to achieve their dreams, they are still – or actually even more – enslaved by family expectations, obligations, and traditions and the pressure to conform and fit in!

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